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Interview by Gee Wong for Mykromag

Colin was interviewed by Gee Wong for Mikromag.

Colin Morgan is a man of many talents. Enigmatic performer. Charming Ulsterman. Method actor. Qualities that have underpinned his ability to reinvent himself at every turn. Since bursting onto the scene over a decade ago, Colin has transported us back to the Middle Ages, explored the meaning of life as a twenty-first century android, and broken a few hearts as a troubled Victorian shrink. Gee Wong talks the the rising star about the intensity of the roles he plays, his way with accents and why he’s giving social media the cold shoulder.

Arranging an interview with Colin Morgan is a lesson in timing. Given that his brisk schedule and unforeseen events have thwarted our previously arranged powwows, it’s a relief when the phone eventually whirrs into life. He introduces himself in his deep loquacious Ulster drawl and all is forgiven. I’m glad we’ve finally got the chance to talk, there’s been a lot of back and forth, hope everything is alright ? he says. The raw accent, while expected, is captivating to hear for the first time – largely because he’s a master at disguising those native vowels. Continue reading Interview by Gee Wong for Mykromag

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The site is back !

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry for the lack of news this last month. I needed a break but the site is officially back ! For this return, the site has a new look. The wordpress theme is made by MonicaNDesign and I used a photo from the new photoshoot by Paul Scala for Mikromag. I hope you like the new theme.

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Happy 31st birthday and Happy New Year !

Today is January 1st, 2017, and I want to wish to Colin a happy 31st birthday ! I wish him the best for his career and his personal life. I also wish to all of you a happy new year 2017 !