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Channel 4 Interview

Hello everyone, Channel 4 have published a new interview of Colin.

Interview with Colin Morgan for Humans series two

Is it nice to be able to talk with a little more freedom about Leo now, given how shrouded in mystery his past was last year?
Yeah, that was a big thing. You only find out halfway through the first series that Leo isn’t quite what he seems, with all the technology inside him, and then there’s his connection to Mia [Gemma Chan] and the synth family, and also that he’s playing an International Man of Mystery. It was difficult being asked the question, ‘Can you tell me a bit about Leo?’, and having to be answer, ‘Well, I’ve been told I can’t’! Now I can speak more openly, which feels good. Leo’s in transition in series two.

How does that come about – is he reconciled to who he is now?
He feels quite different. While it was once about trying to find his place in his small family world, now it’s about finding his place in the wider world. He has to be more open and driven, and I think he is – he’s more passionate about achieving his goals of having a conscious synth family. It feels achievable.

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‘The Fall’ 3×05 – ‘Wounds of Deadly Hate’ Episode Stills + BTS Photo

I’ve just added five stills and one behind the scenes photo from the 5th episode of season 3 of ‘The Fall’. Thanks to our partner Far Far Away Site.

The Fall 3x05 The Fall 3x05 The Fall 3x05 The Fall 3x05
The Fall 3x05

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Talk Nerdy With Us Interview

Hello everyone, this is the interview of Colin and Gemma Chan for Talk Nerdy With Us:

An Interview with Humans’ Colin Morgan and Gemma Chan

We had the opportunity to speak with the cast and producing team of AMC’s Humans this past weekend at New York Comic-Con. Fans from all over the world submitted fantastic questions for Colin Morgan (Leo) and Gemma Chan (Mia). Even though the show doesn’t return until February 2017, here’s a sneak peek of what we can expect from their characters in the upcoming season.

All right, so let’s talk a little bit about what happened at the end of Season 1 and where do you think that’s going to lead your characters in Season 2?
Colin: ”Well, we left off with quite a significant cliffhanger. Niska (Emily Berrington) was holding a key, or a weapon, or a whatever it could be to change the course of the future…she has the key to consciousness. And the power she wields has been untested. It’s uncertain. It’s unknown. If she chooses to use it…who knows what it does to the world? Every single synth in the world would become conscious. That’s the idea that they are playing with in Season 2. These things that have made their way into people’s lives, that are in their homes, that are looking after their children, that are cooking their meals…could maybe make decisions for themselves now. That brings up what that does for the characters you’ve known and met in Season 1 and what that does for their relationships. Also, vaguely the new people and the new developments and the new characters, which there are loads of in Season 2 as well.”

Gemma: “Brilliant new characters.”

Colin: “That is only scratching the surface of what Season 2 is because it is quite massive. That’s my pennyworth.”

Gemma: “Yeah or me, Season 2 follows my character. I think for the first time, she is trying to figure out what her place is in the world. She is trying to assert herself, which she has never really had the chance to do that before in her life. With the others, she had Leo and then she ended up with the Hawkins family, against her will. So this is really the first time she has had the opportunity to explore the world. There are positives and negatives to that. I still think Mia, as a character, is quite innocent and quite naive. She has limited dealing with humans in the outside world. She puts herself out there, and it doesn’t necessary go how she hoped. So that is for my character. I would say broadly; I feel the show explores…morality. How do we do learn right from wrong? How can you give ethics of morality to a machine? Or a newly conscious machine? How do the experiences…the very first experiences that that AI or that machine has shape the way it views the world and how it is going to treat others? I think it definitely goes darker and deeper along those lines in the show.”

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Colin Morgan Online: Celebrating 5 years

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Today Colin Morgan Online turns 5 years old. The site is online since October 10th, 2011. Thank you to everyone who messages and emails us words of thanks and support. This site was created for people who can known the career of Colin. Lots of love, Baptiste.

In 5 years, the site is:
– 50 000 visits on the site
– +540 followers on Twitter
– +1530 likes on Facebook
– +3000 Photos on the gallery